Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws, Volume II 2017
Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws, Volume II 2017
2017 Update Available
NACM has re-envisioned and revitalized its flagship publication, the Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws. Not only will the new edition continue to provide essential information for credit and finance professionals, it will do so in a highly flexible and more affordable format. The latest version of the Manual of Credit now comprises four volumes that either may standalone or continue to serve as a cohesive and comprehensive set. Volume II includes:

- Credit Applications: A Source of Information and a Binding Contract
- Equipment Leasing
- Uniform Commercial Code: An Overview
- Negotiable Instruments: Notes, Checks, Drafts-How They Work-and Interest Rates
- A Letters of Credit Primer
- Secured Transactions: A Step-by Step Explanation
- Selected Text of the Uniform Commercial Code - Bad Check Laws
- Claims against Decedents' Estates
- Retail Installment Sales Laws
- Consumer Protection Legislation-An Overview
- Appendix: More Statutory Summaries