Demystifying Trade Credit Insurance- FCIB Webinar (DR)

Demystifying Trade Credit Insurance- FCIB Webinar (DR)
Digital Replay: Credit insurance is a tool for companies to protect against the risk of customer default, improve their existing credit management practices and increase the likelihood of obtaining favorable financing terms. During this roundtable, we explore credit insurance from three perspectives: the legal, the broker’s and the underwriter’s point of view. To achieve the full benefit of credit insurance, companies need to be proactive policyholders by understanding their credit policies’ terms and the advantages of negotiating a policy best suited to their needs. This program will educate policyholders about: • the mechanics of credit insurance • the key issues they need to be aware of when purchasing or renewing their policies • cancellable vs. non-cancellable a • how to navigate dispute/conflict resolution • the risks covered, benefits, uses and costs • key issues and potential pitfalls You will also gain practical advice from a broker’s point of view, learn what underwriters are looking for to grant policy approval, in addition to hearing live case studies from both sides and claim experiences with real examples and success stories.

Replay Fees: $195 for Members, $295 for Non Members. 

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