Advanced Letters of Credit (DR)

Advanced Letters of Credit (DR)
Digital Replay: Commercial letters of credit are an effective payment mechanisms provided they are used properly. Otherwise, they can create headaches and increase the risk of nonpayment. Join Louis Tierno, CDCS, from Fulton Financial Corporation, for a webinar that goes beyond the basics of using letters of credit to strengthen how they work your company. Learn how a commercial letter of credit works and gain knowledge to increase your ability and confidence in the mechanics of using them. This webinar will cover: Revocable vs. Irrevocable: What does it mean? The role of the banks in the letter of credit process. The value of letter of credit confirmations. Can you receive the benefit of confirmation if the letter of credit is not confirmed? Banker’s Acceptances and Discounting. Time vs. Deferred Payments. How to avoid discrepancies. Transfer vs. Assignment of Proceeds

One digital replay is available to the main registrant of the live version free of charge upon request.

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