How To Improve Your DSO: Ramp-up Your Collection Cycle (DR)

How To Improve Your DSO: Ramp-up Your Collection Cycle (DR)
Digital Replay: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is an important metric to monitor in companies of all sizes throughout every industry. DSO measures the average age of accounts receivable for your organization. If your average is trending higher, then your business is more likely to struggle with cash flow. As we know, cash is always considered to be “king” and is critical to an organization’s survival. In many cases, improving cash flow is as simple as making small changes to the collections process, but the Accounts Receivable Professional should be aware of strategies for reducing the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) average as an important method for improving cash flow. Learning Objectives: This webinar will provide a “blueprint” to enable you to “ramp up” your collection cycle and have an immediate positive impact on your DSO. Attendees will obtain the following three helpful tools: 1)“Six Strategies to Reduce Your DSO,” 2) “15 Reasons to Turn Your Account Over to a Collections Agency,” and 3) “17 Steps to Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivables.”

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