The Power of Procure To Pay (P2P) Metrics + Dashboards (DR)

The Power of Procure To Pay (P2P) Metrics + Dashboards (DR)
Digital Replay: This webinar will provide a roadmap for the implementation of key metrics and reporting that can be used for the P2P process. The instructor will provide practical guidance for developing metrics that are reportable, actionable, and will stand the test of time. Attendees will learn how to actually use metrics and trends to develop areas for business process improvement. The instructor will define and explain the four foundational groups of metrics for P2P process and how to implement a meaningful reporting process. Learning Objectives: The P2P process can be difficult to measure since procurement, receiving, and accounts payable may report to different organizations. In some companies, accounts payable usually reports through finance and procurement may report to supply chain management. This webinar will identify the key functions that impact the P2P process and will focus on the process dependencies and interdependencies. We’ll discuss how metrics can highlight the negative and positive aspects of this important process and will identify how the P2P process can provide cost savings and improvements to working capital.

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