Financial Stmts, Payment Terms, and Trends- FCIB Webinar

Financial Stmts, Payment Terms, and Trends- FCIB Webinar
Digital Replay: This webinar will provide the attendees facts related to international financial statements including the difference between GAAP and IFRS, how these differences in accounting principles can affect financial ratios, and will review Red Flags related to financial statements. In addition, the attendees will be provided with a general idea of the differences that exist today related to credit and payment terms for ten countries on a global basis. Another interesting aspect of the webinar will be a review of signals that could indicate that a customer is experiencing financial problems. Finally, the webinar concludes with a discussion related to payment trends in Europe. Overall, the attendees will walk away with a general idea of tools that can be utilized to better manage and monitor the financial health of their customer base from a global perspective.

Replay Fees: $95 for Members, $195 for Non Members. 

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