Basic Letters of Credit (DR)

Basic Letters of Credit (DR)
Digital Replay: Letters of credit (LCs) are the best alternative to cash-in-advance terms when protecting accounts receivables from foreign buyer nonpayment, making LCs an essential part of a credit professional's arsenal for mitigating credit risks. Learn how export LCs work and how they help companies gain access to export working capital, while mitigating the risks of exporting goods and services to foreign buyers. Credit professionals need to understand the process, the types of letters of credit that are available and the need for attention to detail or their companies can experience additional costs and ultimately not get paid. Join Bill Houck, regional manager, at SBA's Office of International Trade for the Mid-Atlantic region who will discuss letters of credit and other ways to mitigate against nonpayment from export customers.
7/30/2018 - 1/23/2020

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