Advanced Letters of Credit (DR)

Advanced Letters of Credit (DR)
Digital Replay: When properly used, commercial export letters of credit (LCs) are one of the safest products to secure export payments, second only to cash-in-advance. But if companies don't fully understand the documentary requirements of LCs, they have been known to create needless headaches. Wells Fargo's, Glenn Ransier will discuss letters of credit and how they work. The webinar will cover: * Discussions that should occur at the contract level * The role that different banks play in the letter of credit process e.g. who exactly has provided their undertaking to pay * The value of letter of credit confirmations. * Understanding payment tenors for sight, acceptance, deferred payment and negotiation * Opinions which discuss document examination practices This webinar is intended for credit professionals who have a basic working knowledge of letter of credit basics.
12/4/2018 - 1/23/2020

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