Digital Replay: New INCOTERMS rules are being implemented on January 1, 2020. This webinar will review all of the important changes from INCOTERMS 2010. There are still 11 INCOTERMS: seven under the heading of Any Mode of Transport and four under the heading of Sea and Inland Waterway. There is only one change to the prior 11 terms; DAT is no longer being used. It is being replaced by the term DPU, which will be explained in the webinar. Most of the key changes in the new INCOTERMS involve clarification of what each INCOTERM means and the importance of incorporating the terms consistently in all contracts that may be involved in a transaction. Specific changes are being made to the FCA term which should improve its use by exporters. The new INCOTERMS are designed to help users select the most appropriate term for their transactions.
11/12/2019 - 1/16/2020

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