Successful Change Management (DR)

Successful Change Management (DR)
Digital Replay: In today’s globally connected economy, many corporations are in a continuing cycle of change as a result of mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing and offshoring. Some corporations have moved to a Shared Service Center Model (centralization), while others have reversed the process (decentralization). This cycle of change can greatly impact employees and managers who are responsible for large credit teams, centrally located or in different locations. The question is: How do we manage change? How does change impact those involved in and affected by the process? How do we communicate when changes are taking place within a company? What are the pitfalls to successful change implementation? Join us on this webinar when our speaker, André Kolkman, will discuss the key components to successful change management. This webinar will address: Changes over the last decades. Why is continuous change inside corporations a hot topic? Examples of organizational changes. How to communicate change to employees. People’s reactions to change: their behavioral patterns, the questions they ask and the effect on their level of motivation. What are the pitfalls preventing us from achieving successful change management? Is there a recipe for successful change management? Motivation of employees in a changing environment. Code of conduct for (credit) managers during a change management project. This webinar will enable you to better understand the fundamental basics and effects of change on people; how to cope with change and how to manage change successfully within your team or organization.

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