Creditors Can Unlck Access To 1,000x More Cr. Risk Data (DR)

Creditors Can Unlck Access To 1,000x More Cr. Risk Data (DR)
Digital Replay: Credit insurers only have access to a tiny fraction of the world’s business-to-business data when determining what markets, regions or businesses to cover. On the other hand, credit departments have the data that trade credit underwriters need. What if there was a safe and secure way to sell that information? This webinar will consider how credit departments can become revenue centers through the use of blockchain-based data marketplaces such as Eqitii, which facilitates the sale of unstructured data to credit insurers and other trade finance data buyers. Christophe Spoerry, of tradetech venture builder Alpine Style, will explain how the data can be unlocked and shared, how to sell or buy such data securely, and how sharing it benefits both credit managers and credit insurers. In this webinar, you will learn: • How blockchain applications go far beyond cryptocurrencies • How the data is secured, stored and exchanged • Why trade credit insurers need this information and how it can benefit users of trade credit insurance • How credit departments can monetize their data assets, while keeping the data strictly private and secure • How the blockchain-based data marketplaces operate more credit risk data • How and when to get started
12/13/2018 - 1/21/2019

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