How To Read a Credit Insurance Policy- Exec. Devel. Web (DR)

How To Read a Credit Insurance Policy- Exec. Devel. Web (DR)
Digital Replay: So your new policy is delivered and you need to ensure it matches what you negotiated. Do you know how to review the terms of your credit insurance policy? Join us as we discover the most important points of reading a credit insurance policy. Topics to be discussed: o Understanding your reporting requirements o Ensuring all special endorsements are accurately reflected on the policy o Verifying all your customer credit limits,special conditions and related terms of sale are correct o Fully understanding Maximum Extension Period/Stop Shipment policy language o Checking and verifying overall policy maximum limit of liability and individual country limits of liability o Verifying deduction and threshold/non-qualifying loss amounts o Ensuring Discretionary Credit Limit and the DCL qualifiers are clearly understood o Checking premium amount and credit limit fees

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