The Evolution of Order To Cash Metrics: Current/Future (DR)

The Evolution of Order To Cash Metrics: Current/Future (DR)
Digital Replay: Choosing the right metrics is vital. Tracking too many performance measures can bury a company in data that adds little value while failing to track certain key performance indicators (KPIs) could add significant business impact. Additionally, neglecting to adjust metrics as the business changes, will result in performance gaps through which cash flow, profit, and/or revenue is lost. This session will focus on the few, absolutely essential metrics your organization should track. It will also explore a couple of case studies where the metrics requirement changed as the business evolved. Day 1 - Best of Key Performance Indicators and Analytics Introduction The essential KPIs Efficiency KPIs Operational KPIs Analytics Day 2 - Metrics Evolved for Accounts Receivable & Order to Cash Introduction and objectives Metrics and their evolution Case studies

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