Effective Communications (DR)

Effective Communications (DR)
Digital Replay: Effective communication is a vital tool for any professional and begins with understanding your audience. An executive who can make a compelling presentation, communicate succinctly, sound persuasive and motivate a team to action is someone who will succeed in a 21st century workplace. After all, your success at “selling” ideas and getting your point across can be the difference between business success and a missed opportunity! Effective communication is critical for Conscious Leadership.™ It drives efficiencies, defines culture and leads to business results. Additionally, effective communication helps foster healthy interpersonal working relationships between team members, which in turn can improve morale and performance. Good communication is essential for a sense of wellbeing, autonomy and mastery over our work and personal lives. As an executive, it is imperative to convey one’s directive clearly, specifically and succinctly in order to avoid conflict, resentment, misunderstandings and that “lost deal,” due to lack of clarity. During this session, participants will learn to: • Develop techniques to “Know your audience.” • Learn how to conduct difficult conversations that empowers both parties. • Neutralize assumptions that do not serve the broader picture • Influence, motivate and inspire others toward excellence

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