Executive Decision-Making (DR)

Executive Decision-Making (DR)
Digital Replay: Behind every great leader is the ability to make executive decisions that embrace time, audience and value. In a global economy, how does one measure scope, culture and financial impact? In today’s world, balancing business, markets and organizational culture is not only a science, but an art form. Having the ability to discern and evaluate economies of scale, while under the pressures of short-term performance, time and consequences, places critical decisions in your capable hands. Effective executive decision-making is an absolute and essential skill all senior executives must possess. Whether narrow or broad in scope, one’s ability to assess with accuracy and precision is crucial in global decision-making to ensure performance and financial optimization. Credibility is power, and poise while under the weight of critical transactions lie on your shoulders. How do you make critical executive decisions? Developing decision-making skills can help you gain respect, dignity and closure. It is your reputation and ability to influence your audience with the finesse and leverage necessary to increase one’s ability to accelerate time and secure successful outcomes. During this session, participants will learn to: • Assess the components of effective decision-making. • Build confidence and credibility while gaining poise in delivery. • Attain greater business results through influence, performance enhancement and ability to negotiate more effectively. • Identify decision-making triggers through nuance recognition. Come with your questions and curiosity as we explore how you can improve and effectively deliver executive decisions with power and confidence. Our research-proven, decision-making practices will add personal composure as well as elevate your stakeholders in the process of gaining results.

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