Creating a Culture Based in High-Trust

Creating a Culture Based in High-Trust
Part of the Leadership Webinar Series: How can you create an engaging culture at work? This multi-billion dollar question is constantly being asked and revisited by companies globally, large and small. In their 2017 Workforce Survey, Gallup estimates that disengaged workforces are costing companies over $450 billion in lost productivity per year and 95% of employees say that culture is more important than compensation. Culture isn’t just a “feel good” part of business full of perks, foosball tables and happy hours. It’s about being conscientious about creating and sustaining an effective work culture that supports your vision, mission and goals of your company. Especially because employees find culture more important than compensation, it becomes crucial that leaders within a company fully understand why culture is so important to them. Increasingly, it is clear that a high-trust culture is the cornerstone of success. Talent alone won’t win. For example, to improve employee engagement and improved profitability necessitates a culture with high levels of trust and camaraderie, given the importance of collaboration to grow a company. And brilliant strategies can look great on paper. But without an engaged, inspired and proud staff the best-laid plans will fizzle. Culture eats strategy for lunch. During this webinar, participants will learn: • What is culture and how it is created. • How to have respect, understanding and even use humor. • How to create a culture of trust and collaboration. • Why a positive culture matters when it comes to employee engagement.

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6/28/2018 10:00 AM - 6/28/2018 11:00 AM

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