Is Your Company Financially Efficient? (DR)

Is Your Company Financially Efficient? (DR)
Digital Replay: Most companies and organizations compete for a finite amount of customers and their dollars. Even nonprofit organizations have a limited amount of money they receive from donations and grants. To compete at optimal performance for the limited consumer dollars, financially efficient companies maximize their profits with a limited asset base, which creates a competitive advantage for themselves over their competitors. Financial efficiency is the ability of the company to generate sales through its assets. As such, companies that are more financial efficient generate more sales through their asset base. To measure the company’s financial efficiency business owners and/or credit managers must calculate turnover ratios relating sales and cost of goods sold to their respective assets. Companies that report higher turnover ratios are more financially efficient at using their assets. This webinar teaches various techniques for business owners and managers to measure their company’s financial efficiency. Using ratio analysis and graphing techniques, participants will learn how to identify areas of operations that are either saving or losing cash for their companies. After identifying areas of operational strengths and weaknesses, webinar participants can then begin applying efficiency techniques for their company over multiple periods, against immediate competitors, and against industry averages.

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