Standardizing Credit Operations With Shared Services (DR)

Standardizing Credit Operations With Shared Services (DR)
Digital Replay: Do you see inconsistency in how credit limits are set for similar customers across business units or geographies? Do collections analysts in different geographies use different collection strategies for similar customers? In the upcoming webinar, join Scott Phillips, Head of Shared Services, Kloeckner Metals as he discusses how the organization transitioned into a shared services model with 3 regional credit managers and 30 credit and collections managers across North America to improve customer experience and exceed DSO reduction objectives. Key takeaways: 1. Leverage sales teams as change agents to prepare customers for shared services 2. Design bank/external audit ready O2C operations by eliminating paper for 13000+ customers 3. Manage change in autonomous business units while standardizing operations 4. Incorporate “one customer one record one collector” philosophy to improve customer experience 5. Leverage Artificial intelligence and RPA for automating credit and collections

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