PCI Compliance & What Your Company Needs To Do To Get (DR)

PCI Compliance & What Your Company Needs To Do To Get (DR)
Digital Replay: Your company MUST be PCI compliant if it receives payments in the form of credit cards, checks and wires? As our technology base in the world has improved and made our lives easier, so has the threat of having our identities stolen. Each year we hear of several companies that have experienced data breaches and the major negative impact it has on all consumers. Data breaches are not only detrimental to consumers, but should your company experience a data breach, expect the cost to be roughly $3.8M. With all, you must understand what your company needs to do to get PCI complaint. • You will learn why PCI is important to your company and what the risks are of not being PCI compliant. • You will be able to identify area’s in your company that are not compliant and learn what you need to do to get your company compliant. • You will learn about the Red Flag rules and how to they will help to keep your company complaint

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