Integrating Fraud Detection in the Credit Check Process (DR)

Integrating Fraud Detection in the Credit Check Process (DR)
Digital Replay: As a proactive credit professional, you are always looking for new process improvements to protect your company and make your credit underwriting more meaningful and effective. According to a recent Experian survey, 63%of businesses have experienced fraud losses in the past 12 months. Over half of these businesses have seen an increase in fraud losses within the last year. These losses are not focused in one industry segment but occur in the construction, manufacturing, wholesale and service industries. The end of the year is an opportune time to ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to position yourself and your department for future success? Please join us for a fresh, fast-paced, 30 minute entertaining and interactive session on ways to integrate fraud detection into your credit underwriting process. An Overview of Topics ? Fraud detection and prevention 101 – a survey of some basic steps you can integrate in your credit checking process to prevent customer/client threats ? Detecting the Company Impersonator: When your customer looks good (or too good to be true) ? The New Client Gambit ? Preventing the Drop Ship Fraud ? Detecting Customer Payment Fraud Schemes

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