The Hidden Financial Impact of COVID-19

The Hidden Financial Impact of COVID-19

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About the Webinar

While businesses are facing one of the hardest financial times, Visa (who made over $24 billion last year) has just announced one of the largest rate increases in 20 years. Not to be left out, one of the largest processors (who made over $10 billion last year) also just announced a new billing platform to make reading statements easier. That's code for we are adding more hidden fees, and by removing some of the data it will be harder to find where we are over-billing you! This is not a time to raise fees, this is a time to wave fees! However, they are also hurting from the lack of your sales that they are taking a cut out of. While most businesses don't have a way to make up for the lost profits, they do! Due to the lack of regulation, they will simply over-bill merchants and take money that is not due to them, right out of the merchant's bank account. Merchants only have 90 days to catch these fees and dispute them. After that, they become part of the new terms and pricing and are unrecoverable. Don't miss this webinar, as it will show you how to spot the new fees that will bump their profits while killing yours.


About the Speaker

Robert L Day is the Managing Partner of, a one-of-a-kind auditing firm that is revolutionizing the world of merchant processing by protecting merchants’ profits, often cutting their fees in half. Recognized as the “Industry Expert” of merchant processing by every major credit association (National Association of Credit Management, Credit Research Foundation, Credit Today, and Riemer Credit), he is a highly sought after speaker with his witty anecdotes and paradigm-shifting perspectives, giving him a rare ability to not just educate, but entertain.

For 13 years, Robert was a top executive for one of the largest credit card processors in the country before crossing the aisle and co-founding Now Robert has one simple goal: to educate merchants on how credit card processors use hidden fees to drive up fees by 30-50%.

As a former corporate executive and former business owner, Robert has a special blend of experi- ence and an intimate understanding of the needs of small to mid-sized merchants as well as Fortune 500 companies. It is Robert’s personal mission to lower merchants’ processing costs in order to “right the wrong” in the credit card processing industry and protect every businesses’ profits, ultimately defending and preserving the American dream.

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4/1/2020 3:00 PM - 4/1/2020 4:00 PM

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