Subchapter V of the Bankruptcy Code: Its Impact on Trade

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About the Webinar

New Subchapter V was added to the Bankruptcy Code in 2020 to create a more efficient and economical process for small business debtors to reorganize.
But the benefits to a Subchapter V debtor comes at a cost to trade creditors. It impacts the rights that creditors have when compared with a traditional
Chapter 11. In this session, our presenter will explain and analyze various aspects of the new Subchapter V, including:

  • Eligibility requirements for a debtor to qualify for Subchapter V compared with a traditional Chapter 11.
  • Why it matters to you—the extensive impact of Subchapter V on trade creditors.
  • How Subchapter V has worked so far.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to answer the following questions about Subchapter V:

  • What are the differences from a Chapter 11?
  • What happens to creditors’ committees?
  • Who can propose a plan?
  • What type of plan can be proposed?
  • Can the debtor’s principals retain their equity without putting in new money and without paying creditors in full? 


About the Speaker

Jason Torf, Esq., Tucker Ellis LLP

Dev Strischek bio photoJason M. Torf is a bankruptcy and creditors’ rights partner at Tucker Ellis LLP.
Jason regularly represents clients in helping them solve their problems with troubled customers,
both in bankruptcy proceedings and otherwise. Jason is a frequent speaker at NACM and other credit groups to help
credit professionals understand practical steps their companies can utilize to minimize risk and maximize their recovery
when dealing with a financially troubled customer.


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12/7/2022 3:00 PM - 12/7/2022 4:00 PM

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