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Managing Credit in Today's Turbulent Environment (DR)

Managing Credit in Today's Turbulent Environment (DR)
Digital Replay: Over the past few weeks, we’ve surveyed and spoken with FCIB members regarding their day-to-day credit control processes during the global lockdown. It’s clear from members that global accounts receivable portfolios will continue to pose challenges over the coming months. In this 60-minute webinar, you will hear from two senior credit managers from different industries, in different world regions (Europe and Asia), as they discuss the everchanging landscape in which they are now working. What are the current effects on risk management? What about innovative technology processes? What has transitioning to a home office meant when managing a global credit team? What lessons have been learned so far and how can credit mangers prepare for the next global crisis? Join Faysal Kadi Wahabi of LyondellBasell and Sam Robert of Juniper Networks Inc as they talk together. Adam Wood of GCS Group, Australia will moderate the session.

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