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Networking & Relationship Building (DR)

Networking & Relationship Building (DR)
Digital Replay from the Leadership Webinar Series: Whether you love networking or the thought of networking makes going to the dentist seem like a pleasure cruise, what happens after you attend a networking or social mixer can make the difference between a productive evening and a complete waste of time. Although most people understand the important role networking and socializing can play in a career or a business, very few people put in place a methodic system for following up with the people they meet during an evening of networking and socializing. In fact, many just drop the ball entirely and never follow up at all. Those who hate networking the most are usually the worst at following up. If you get sweaty palms just thinking about entering a room full of people you don’t know, you might avoid following through entirely. That’s actually the worst thing you can do. Not following up just means you’ll have to haul yourself back out on the cocktail circuit again and again and again. During this Webinar, participants will learn: • How to create a powerful networking brand. • How to begin the process of building powerful and lasting relationships. • Tips for following up after the event. • A system for giving before getting.

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