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Your Personal Brand (DR)

Your Personal Brand (DR)
Digital Replay from the Leadership Webinar Series: In this hands-on webinar, you will learn how to make a better, more enduring impression within your industry. Critical communication skills that define your personal brand are essential. We will also highlight how these principles can be leveraged broadly across your organization to create effective advocates for your company brand. This personal branding workshop is designed for managers and C-suite executives, who want their expertise and influence to be more credible, authentic and effective. Highlights and takeaways from this personal branding workshop include: • An introduction into personal branding and why it’s so important for your career and the success of your company. • How to create a personal branding strategy to help your expertise standout in your niche. • What you need to do to establish your professional purpose and create a personal branding statement. • A comprehensive overview of LinkedIn and other social platforms including real-time profile optimization and networking. • Tools overview—what tools you can use to help create, establish and measure your personal brand. • How to establish a communication cadence and success measurement framework to keep your personal brand on track

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