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Mindfulness Is the Mental Gym (DR)

Mindfulness Is the Mental Gym (DR)
Digital Replay: This webinar will focus on: Healthy Behaviors, Prioritization, Time Management Research finds that 47% of our waking hours are spent reliving the past or worrying about the future. All of this drifting causes us to experience a distracted life spent on autopilot and comes at a significant expense mentally, physically, and emotionally. What if you could take back control of your mind and become the pilot of your life again? Enter the idea of mindfulness: a scientifically proven way to get more done with less effort, be happier and kinder, less bothered by others, and healthier. Rewire your splintered mind to better manage time, stress, and distractions. Reset your brain and boost performance Learn how to integrate mindfulness into a busy life Lower stress and improve productivity with focus techniques

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