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Demand for Credit Is Changing: Here's How To Manage It (DR)

Demand for Credit Is Changing: Here's How To Manage It (DR)
Digital Replay: Demand for credit was growing in the U.S. and around the world even before the coronavirus outbreak. You need to offer competitive payment terms to do business in this unprecedented time. How much credit should you extend? What terms should you offer? When will you get paid? Can you still obtain a credit insurance policy? How much will it cost? Will it cover coronavirus risks? What can you do to ensure claims will get paid? This presentation will discuss credit demand today and ideas for managing it successfully. Why trade debtors need and want longer payment terms Credit conditions in the USA and in key overseas markets How to evaluate debtor creditworthiness in this environment Recognizing/managing accounts receivable nonpayment risks Don’t allow coronavirus excuses to mask other credit problems How the credit insurance market is adapting to the new risks Compliance criteria for getting credit insurance claims paid

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