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Credit Insurance Update: Q2 2020 & Future Outlook (DR)

Credit Insurance Update: Q2 2020 & Future Outlook (DR)
Digital Replay: Demand for credit insurance was growing even before the coronavirus outbreak. Now companies are lining up for the coverage. Where can you obtain a policy when insurance companies are pulling back? How much will it cost? Will it cover coronavirus risks? Can today’s longer payment terms be covered? What can you do to ensure claims will get paid? This presentation will describe the coverages available now, where you can still get a policy, how to use it most effectively and what the future may bring. Demand for trade credit now in the USA and around the world How the credit insurance market has adapted to coronavirus risks Best practices to convince insurers to offer credit insurance quotes How to present customers to insurers and getting them underwritten Compliance tips and criteria for getting credit insurance claims paid How coverage has changed and may change further going forward

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