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3 Ways To Increase Your Personal Pres. Over Video Phone (DR)

3 Ways To Increase Your Personal Pres. Over Video Phone (DR)
Digital Replay: Ever since their invention, business has been conducted over video meetings and phone calls. For better or worse, we can easily converse with people around the world with just the touch of a button. And now that many of us are working from home due to COVID-19, most interactions with coworkers, clients, management, staff, vendors—everybody!—have become remote. So much of communication is nonverbal. Is it even possible to convey confidence, credibility, or presence remotely? Yes! While face-to-face communication does provide more nonverbal cues, you convey more than you realize over video and phone. Are you sending the message you want? If you’d like to find ways to increase your presence even when you’re physically distant, join this one-hour webinar in which you will learn: Nonverbals that can be conveyed over phone or video How to manage distractions that diminish your Presence Two behaviors that affect the tone of your voice When and how to vary your voice pattern Why and how to open up your sense of space …and more!

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