Picture of the productCulture That Rocks
How to Revolutionize Your Company's Culture

By our 2015 Credit Congress General Session Speaker - Jim Knight

This how-to business book address many major categories of an organization's culture, including hiring the right talent, creating a differentiated service approach, understanding today's workforce, enhancing internal collateral, utilizing technology, increasing enterprise wide communication, engaging in authentic philanthropic initiatives and highlighting the importance of leadership.

Using a blended approach of business acumen and music orientation, the book strategically walks the line between a formalized professional blueprint to overhaul a company's culture and a more relaxed narrative for the casual reader seeking common sense approaches to keep their company relevant. Readers will experience a personalized, 1st-person approach, dozens of rock star brand examples and case studies, detailed call-to-action chapter wrap ups and unique out-of-the-box analogies throughout-including icebergs, chocolate ice cream, Star Trek, comic books, Peter Pan, flying fish, cartoon classics and legendary Rock 'n Roll icons.

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Picture of the productNerd Know-How:
The 27+ Best Apps for Work... & How to Use 'Em!

From the Author's website:

You've heard about apps that can transform the way you work, but when will you have the time to figure them out? Beth Z's newest book does the work for you. With practical tips and a whole lot of humor, Beth walks you step by step through 27+ essential apps for work and home, plus hundreds of other resources and lists.

Discover apps to:

Organize: Dropbox * Evernote * IFITT * LastPass
Collaborate: Trello * ScheduleOnce * * Zoom
Share: Jing * Adobe Reader *Issuu * Prezi
Design: Pixlr * Canva* 123RF * Dafont
Create: Animoto * Piktochart * Tagxedo
Travel: Triplit * Waze
Outsource: Fancy Hands * Fiverr * Elance
Google: Gmail * YouTube * Google Calendar

Plus: 250+ Alternatives and Bonus Apps!

Beth Z is a technology expert and proud nerd who shares the best apps, tech tools, widgets and gadgets to thousands nerds and non-nerds a year, both online and in person. The author of three books, Beth keeps up with the latest technology to educate and entertain her audiences and readers about the fast-changing world of technology.

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Picture of the productRelease Your Inner NERD
Apps, Tech Tools and Tips to Get Organized, Get Creative and Get Ahead

From the Author's website:

We all know there are a billion technology tools out there to help us, but where do we find them? Introducing Release Your Inner Nerd, a follow up to Beth's first book, Upgrade to Free: The Best Free and Low-Cost Online Tools and Apps.

The book is full of free and bargain technology tools that we can use at work, home, school and life to keep ourselves organized, productive, connected and on the ball.

Inside you'll find...
- Design resources to replace very expensive software
- Tips for choosing a newsletter service
- Dozens of recommendations from fellow nerds
- 450+ Free and Bargain Tech Tools!

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Picture of the productUnleash Your Inner Tyrant!
By our 2016 Credit Congress General Session Speaker - Jeff Havens

You've probably been told how to be a better leader. Now enjoy learning how to be a terrible one. In his hilarious Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!, Jeff Havens will 'encourage' you to engage in all the worst leadership practices imaginable, from ruling by fear to outsourcing blame and more. Filled with an impressive array of studies, statistics, real-world examples and case studies, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! will help you become a better leader by showing you exactly what not to do. Because improving your leadership doesn't have to be boring.

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Picture of the productUnMarketing: Everything Has Changed and Nothing is Different
By our 2017 Credit Congress General Session Speaker - Scott Stratten

From the Publisher's Website:

UnMarket to build trust and make lifelong customers!

In 2009, Scott Stratten and Alison Stratten wrote the bestselling UnMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging and began a journey that would take them around the world sharing their message of engagement with corporations, entrepreneurs, and students. They are now back with this second edition, because Everything has Changed and Nothing is Different, with all the brilliance of the first edition, plus new content and commentary to reflect the rapidly changing landscape we all live, buy, and work in today.

For generations, marketing has been hypocritical. We've been taught to market to others in ways we hate being marketed to (cold-calling, flyers, ads, etc.). So why do we still keep trying the same stale marketing moves?

UnMarketing shows you how to unlearn the old ways and consistently attract and engage the right customers. You'll stop just pushing out your message and praying that it sticks somewhere. Potential and current customers want to be listened to, validated, and have a platform to be heard-especially online. With UnMarketing, you'll create a relationship with your customers, and make yourself the logical choice for their needs. We know you've been told to act like other people, talk like other people, and market like all the people, but it is time for you to unlearn everything and start to UnMarket yourself.

UnMarketing includes the latest information on:
Idea Creation, Viral Marketing and Video, Marketing to Millennials, Authenticity, Transparency and Immediacy, Ethics and Affiliates, Social Media Platforming, UnPodcasting, Word of Mouth, Customer Service, Consumer Advocacy and Leadership.

With examples of what to do, and what not to do, from small business right up to worldwide corporations in areas such as real estate, travel, service, retail, and B2B.

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