Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws - 2020
Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws - 2020
Four Volume Set - 2020

NACM's flagship publication, the Manual of Credit and Commercial Laws, provides essential information for credit and finance professionals in a highly flexible and affordable format. The latest version of the Manual of Credit comprises four volumes that either may stand alone or as a cohesive and comprehensive set. Chapters and appendices from the book are organized under the following headings:
- Volume I: General Business Law, Related Statutes, and Collections 2020 Update
- Volume II: Commercial and Consumer Credit Topics 2020 Update
- Volume III: Construction Issues 2023 Update
- Volume IV: Bankruptcy and Insolvency Issues 2020 Update

The chapters in all four volumes have been reviewed by over 50 attorneys, credit professionals and other authorities who generously contributed their time and expertise in updating this perennial best-seller.

Volume I: General Business Laws, Related Statutes, and Collections, 2020

- Understanding Corporations and How to Deal with Them
- Partnerships and Joint Ventures-Their Legal Obligations and How to Deal with Them
- Creation of Agreements with Agents and Principles
- Dealing with the Party Using an Assumed or Fictitious Name
- Transactional Guide to the Formation, Performance, and Enforcement of Contracts
- Antitrust and Trade Regulation for Credit Groups and Credit Grantors
- Escheatment Laws and Unclaimed Property Reporting Requirements
- Compliance Issues and Regulations
- Steps in the Collection Process

Volume II: Commercial and Consumer Credit Topics, 2020

- Credit Applications: A Source of Information and a Binding Contract
- Equipment Leasing
- Uniform Commercial Code: An Overview
- Negotiable Instruments: Notes, Checks, Drafts-How They Work-and Interest Rates
- A Letters of Credit Primer
- Secured Transactions: A Step-by Step Explanation
- Bad Check Laws
- Claims against Decedents' Estates
- Retail Installment Sales Laws
- Consumer Protection Legislation-An Overview
- Appendix: More Statutory Summaries

Volume III: Construction Issues, 2023

- Mechanic's Liens
- Construction Bonds on Public Projects
- Personal Property Liens - Credit Enhancements: Hidden Liens, Trust Funds and Trust Fund Agreements

Volume IV: Bankruptcy and Insolvency Issues, 2020

- Reclamation, Stoppage in Transit, New Administrative Claim in Favor of Good Suppliers, and other Return of Goods Remedies
- A Creditor's Guide to the Bankruptcy Process
- Alternatives to Forcing a Financially Distressed Debtor into Bankruptcy

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